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AGI 511 Preamp burnt resistor question

Hi There,
I have an AGI 511 Preamp and a power supply resistor is fried and I cannot read the color code. Its the resistor on the 120v input next to the 4 diode bridge. It looks like 33 or 330 ohms. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Re: AGI 511 Preamp burnt resistor question

From the Schematic, It should be 3,3 Ohms ( R72 and R74 )

Re: AGI 511 Preamp burnt resistor question

Thanks for your response Ivy,
I don't think those are the correct resistors. I only have the factory AGI schematics for the phono and amp circuits, not the power supply. This is the single resistor after the incoming power from the transformer forming the little RC circuit. I see the other two 3.3 ohm resistors on my board. If you have the Power Supply schematic could you please send me one. I have the other two I could send you if you need them.

Thanks again for you time and trouble.