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TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

Hi everyone !

I am looking for a power transformer for a TEAC VRDS player.

As far as I know it`s the same part No. 5320063300 used in VRDS T1, VRDS 7, VRDS 10, VRDS 20 ...

Thanks !

Re: TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

Does your transformer measure open? If so, try tying pins 1 and 2 together; this will bypass the thermal switch inside the transformer (they sometimes fail).
If this solves the problem you should then check the transformer for overheating (rare, but it happens).

Re: TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

Hi Johnnysan,

Thanks for the advice, the problem is in the primary winding, it`s shorted ( 6 Ohm on measurement).
I know about the thermal fuse, I also hoped bypassing it by connecting the mains directly to pin 2 of the power transformer will solve the problem but unfortunately it was not the case here.

Re: TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

I looked at the schematic and voltages of the transformer are not given. One of the secondaries has to be 3 volts as it powers the florescent tube filament. The other secondary is for the 30 volt DC supply, but it has two taps--this may be difficult to find. I would look for parts on eBay.

Re: TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

I have all the voltages of the transformer. I have a friend who allowed me to measure these on his VRDS-20 (same power transformer as in VRDS-7).
Unfortunately this doesn`t help much at this point, a replacement is required.

I`ve been checking ebay myself as well lately, found one, contacted the seller (it was an offer ended one week prior to my message) unfortunately the seller decided to dump all parts due to lack of offers (parts, including the power transformer, were reisted several weeks in a row, no offers received ) , so no luck there.

Re: TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

If you can't find the right transformer you might consider using two transformers if there is room for them. 3 volts is hard to find; I have used a 6.3 volt filament transformer with a 240 volt primary--run on 120 it will have the right voltage out. Current is fairly low.
The other windings may be 36 volts AC with two taps; if you can find a transformer with a 36 volt winding and another that is close you may be able to tie them together to make it work. Lots of effort, but that's a nice piece of gear. Mouser has a big selection of transformers with all the physical dimensions.

Re: TEAC VRDS parts / power transformer

Thanks for the tip and for the info where to look for transformers.
Much appreciated !

I`ll try to find an original replacement part but it`s good to have options just in case finding an original power transformer will be difficult or too expensive.