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My name's Damien and was a Soldier more 15years in Germany...
I'm a long time a FAN from Pioneer... :)

My last "Trip" was in Italia (02 may 2016) where I bought this LC-V100 for only 300€, it's a little bit BIGGER as I think but now he's mine.
I want to make more pictures but i don't know how ... Should i create a new content for all pictures ?
I'm glad to see that's another "Pioneer Lover" here in "Hifiengine" ... :)

I have :
3 PD-F1007 Black
1 PD-F1009 Black (I'm looking for another PD-F1007 and sold this F1009)
1 MJ-D707 Black (I'm looking for the same D707 but in Gold)
1 CT-W205R Black
1 PL-990 Black
1 VSX 808RDS Black

1 CLD-D925 Black
1 DVL-909 Gold
1 DV-717 Gold
1 VSA-E08 Gold

2 PDP-4270X Black

1 LC-V100 Black (CB-V1000 + CO V100) and I'm looking for a SA-V210 for my LC-V100.

3 S-C37-R & 3 S-C37-L + 1 S-CR37-C + 2 S-W80S

So i think that's all... :)
See you later