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Picture of my Hitachi D-RV7 auto-reverse cassette deck

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Picture of my Hitachi D-RV7 auto-reverse cassette deck

Here's a picture of my Hitachi D-RV7 auto-reverse cassette deck, to go with the German manual I just uploaded a few weeks ago.

Also shown is my venerable Sony CDP-55 CD player (made in May '86), an SVHS switch box and my junky DiamondVision DVD player. (more details on the deck below)

The Hitachi still works great, will be needing a capstan belt soon, as it's starting to slip on startup. One issue I had with it recently is during auto-reverse, the head got stuck halfway, and jammed in a sideways position. I had to remove the trasnport to see what was happening. I found a little nylon gear on the flip-over mechanism had cracked in two, and was skipping teeth and getting out of sync. I puzzled over what to do, use it as a single side deck or what. I removed it and glued it, cracked again. So, I glued it in place on the shaft with superglue, held together this time. Still working fine, thought I was a goner that time!.......:^)

Hear some people get this deck and have trouble with the auto-reverse jamming, so is anyone wants some pics or instructions on how I fixed that little gear let me know. Also let me know if you want a pic of the capstan belt routing, as the two flywheels have to rotate in OPPOSITE directions for the auto-reverse to work properly. The belt wraps around the R flywheel but over on top of the left flywheel (not underneath).

Thanks again to HiFiEngine for posting my manual, it always gives me a thrill to see any stuff I upload become available to the world.