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You are free to browse the library, gallery and database pages.

However, registration is required to access members only resources such as downloads, posting requests, reviews and sharing images.

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To change your email address, password etc please click on the the link to 'my account' in the menu then click 'edit' to enter the account configuration page

Login Problems

If you are banned for spam or registering multiple accounts this is permanent.

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If you receive the message 'unrecognized username or password' when logging in, please check that caps lock is off and that you are are using the correct character case in your username and password.

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HiFi Engine is a separate website running under different software/database. If you are a member of the Vinyl Engine website and wish to use this site you will have to register an account here.

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No, all downloads are provided free of charge for personal, non commercial use

note files are not licensed for redistribution in any form

The download system works with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox - other browsers may work but are not supported

note if you get a referrer error this means that your browser is blocking referrer information ie not passing on the URL of the page with the download link. Please refer to the documentation of your browser, anti-virus program or firewall for a solution

You can check to see if referrer information is missing on this page.

If you get blank pages or encrypt errors when opening documents, please install the latest version of Adobe Free PDF Reader which is available free of charge from the Adobe web site

All files are fully PDF standards compliant. 3rd party PDF readers may work but are not supported as many (eg some versions of Preview) do not fully support the PDF standard. If you have issues opening files with other readers please report this to the software developers.

There is no password required to open any of the files on this site for reading/printing

If your PDF reader asks for a password, or you get an encrypt error, please ensure that you are using to the latest version of the official Adobe Free PDF Reader to open the file.

Other PDF readers (Foxit, Preview etc) may work, but we offer no support for their use and any compatibility issues should be reported to the maker of the software.

You will need the latest official version of Adobe Free PDF Reader to open PDF documents

Yes, this service is provided free of charge and our bandwidth is limited.

There are daily, weekly and monthly limits to the number of files you can download based on account name and IP address.

The limits are dynamic, constantly under review and based on a score determined by factors such as server load, IP address (some ranges are prone to high levels of abuse and are throttled), behaviour (using VPNs and proxy services may downgrade your account) and your level of contribution to the library.

Daily limits are based on activity in the previous 24 hours.

Registering additional accounts to bypass download limits will result in a permanent ban, without notice, and any IP addresses/ranges used by your accounts will be blocked from the download server.

Downloadable documents can be viewed, copied or printed provided the document is used for non-commercial purposes only and any copy of the document includes the HiFi Engine cover page. We reserve the right to revoke such authorization at any time.

The downloadable files are copyright the HiFi Engine and are provided under our user agreement. The content reproduced in many of the distributable documents listed on this site is believed to be in the public domain. Permission has been gained for the reproduction of additional documents wherever possible. If you believe your copyright has been infringed by any document posted on this web site please contact the webmaster with details.

We are always looking for new material to add to our free archive. If you are able to provide scans of relevant documents that aren't already in the library, or have been requested in the forum, you can submit them using the upload scans link in the left hand menu.

note you must be logged in to see this link

Unfortunately, due to high levels of abuse from some regions, it is not possible to provide this service in all areas.

In addition to certain IP ranges being filtered, IP ranges in the following countries have limited access.

Bulgaria - shill accounts, scraping of library data by Bulgarian websites

China - server attacks, web scrapers and spam bots, blocked at firewall level

India - spam bots

Iran - server attacks

Laos - spam bots

Sri Lanka - spam bots

Nigeria - spam bots and fake adverts

Pakistan - spam bots

Thailand - high levels of shill accounts

Vietnam - server attacks, spam bots and shill accounts

As we have limited resources, we employ a variety of filters to block known sources of abusive web traffic. This is the website equivalent of a spam filter.

As with any web filter, this can be a source of annoyance to the minority of legitimate visitors in any blocked IP range, but it is necessary to continue providing the service free of charge.

Website level: IP addresses/ranges of those involved in download abuse (multiple accounts/site scraping) are blocked from accessing the download server.

Server level: IP addresses/ranges involved in spamming or hacking attempts are blocked at server level

Country level: sadly, we have been forced to restrict registration from some regions due to high levels of abuse.

To view/download documents all that is required is a modern browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc, and a standards compliant PDF reader such as Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To download a manual, browse to the model page, scroll down to the 'downloads' section and click on the required link eg instruction manual, service manual etc. When the download window opens choose 'open' to open the document in your browser or 'save' to save a copy to your local computer.

Please note that files are optimised for screen display not for printing.

While documents can be printed using the File/Print option in Acrobat Reader, it may be necessary to adjust settings for paper size, scaling, cropping etc before printing and results will vary.

Please read the documentation that came with your printer for more information.

If you get a referrer error this means that your browser is blocking referrer information ie not passing on the URL of the page with the download link. Please refer to the documentation of your browser, anti-virus program or firewall for a solution

You can check to see if referrer information is missing on this page.


Documentation for turntables can be found on our sister site vinylengine

While every care is taken to provide accurate information in the database and library, the occasional error or omission is unavoidable. Note also that published data in brochures, owners and service manuals can vary.

However, there are ways you can help us to improve the accuracy of the information:


    If you spot a typo or an error where the data on a model page doesn't match that in the provided documentation, please leave a comment on that page and the data will be checked against the document and corrected as necessary.

    Note that some published performance specifications are given at specific frequencies or for short term loads. Where possible the continuous figure within the audible range will be given on the page, for example continuous power output both channels driven at 20Hz to 20kHz rather then peak power at 1kHz etc

New/Updated data

    If you have new information regarding a model ie specs, year etc, please upload a scan for the library. Please don't just leave a comment saying 'the data for xxx is wrong' or 'I have a document that states a different figure' without providing the supporting documentation first. Such posts will simply be deleted. Note that links to websites that publish differing figures are not supporting evidence. Where documents (eg catalogues, owners and service manual) state different specifications for the same component, a representative figure will be published. Published specifications are for comparison only.

Library Images

    If you spot an image on a library page that doesn't match the description, please leave a comment on that page and it will be checked and corrected as necessary. Note that a library page may cover several different versions of a model, so the main picture may be of any version covered by that page eg mk1, mk2. This is not an error.

comments made to report errors/typos are removed after the error has been checked and/or fixed

And most of all, remember to be polite and constructive in your comments.

The library is an ongoing project with manufacturers and models added as information becomes available.

While it isn't possible for visitors to add information to the library directly, if you have documentation for a manufacturer or model that is not yet in the library, you can upload it for consideration using the upload scans form.


Sorry, but we only accept documents via the electronic upload form

While logged in, click on the 'Upload Scans' link in the navigation menu to be taken to the upload form.

Full instructions are provided on that page for allowed file types, file naming etc


To upload images to the gallery, browse to the relevant category, click on the upload image button and follow the on screen instructions


Sorry but we do not run a link exchange service

You are welcome to link to the HiFi Engine Web site or any pages within the site, however, these pages may change at any time without notice

If you link to pages within the site you are responsible for ongoing verification of the links

Links to downloadable files are not permitted

The HiFi Engine asserts its copyright on all content and reserves all other rights under relevant copyright statutes

Email Addresses
Please DO NOT post your email address or other contact details in public comments - email addresses can be exchanged through the Private Messaging system. Any email address posted on a public page will be deleted. Repeated abuse will be considered spam and lead to account closure.

We currently do not allow classified advertisements, either for sale or wanted posts.

Trade Posts
Commercial/trade posts are not permitted. Trade advertisements for products or services of any kind will be deemed spam and the offending account removed.

External Links
Please note, members should only make external links directly to individual files that they have personally uploaded to their own webspace.

The comment and reviews sections of the library in particular are just that - for your comments and reviews on the piece of equipment. They are not link pages, places to drum up traffic, or to post 'snippets' from other websites, magazine reviews etc.

Due to spam abuse, linking to files originally uploaded by a 3rd party for use on other sites, to file repositories/directories or commercial manual sites will result in that post being deleted. Repeated posting of such links will result in account closure.

Also please note that we have no control over the content in external links - only files hosted in our manuals section have been verified by us.

Sales and Service

This website is provided purely for information, we do not offer audio/video components or parts for sale, or provide a repair service.

For spares or servicing please visit the manufacturers website to find an authorised retailer or service centre.


The terms and conditions are listed on the site policy page

Our Privacy Policy is stated on the site policy page

The HiFi Engine accepts limited sponsorship via the Google Adwords network


This website is provided as is. If you have a query about using the website please read the FAQ above for answers to frequently asked questions

Note that it is not possible to provide support for registration/login/download problems beyond what is written here

If you wish to close your account please post a message in the requests section. Please note that this is permanent and you will not be permitted to open a new account.

Although the documents on this site are believed to be in the public domain, it is not possible to make that determination for all materials. If you would like to submit a notification of alleged copyright infringement please use the report copyright infringement form