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1986 Car Audio Options

Hey all, really happy to of found this! Soo much saved history audio history!
I'm currently trying to piece together period correct audio options for my 86 Civic, I had wondered if there was any car audio catalogues from that year on here? (Couldn't see any, might be blind). Also any suggestions for audio options would be greatly appreciated!

Re: 1986 Car Audio Options

This post is a little old, but... is the OP still looking for info?

In 1987 I installed a Pioneer head end and amp/speakers into a 87 Honda Accord LX. I still have the complete setup in a box in the basement. The 86 and 87 cars were very similar.

Here's what I have:
Pioneer KEH-9292 AM/FM cassette, 25wpc X 2, Dolby B and C, supports all tape types.
Pioneer GM-43A amp 30wpc X 2 channels
Pioneer TS-1625 6.5 inch 2-way speakers X 2
Pioneer TS-1600 6.5 inch speakers X 2 (this model num might be wrong)
Wiring harnesses for main unit and amp.
User/installation manual for the KEH-9292 and amp.


Re: 1986 Car Audio Options

Thanks for the responses guys! Been doing some hunting and the Clarion City Connection series stuff is really tempting. This websites invaluable! I'll keep you all posted when I get units in and working!

Re: 1986 Car Audio Options

Proton is a great lesser known brand from the era. Indeed Blaupunkt and Grundig would be installed in Germany back in the day: they have protectionist regulations so using Japanese aftermarket stereos would be more costly than buying domestic. Kenwood also made great units back in the 1980s, some with uncommon features. An OEM as well as retail choice from the period is Clarion, they were a significant presence in both OEM and aftermarket. They even had a hand in the very first "auto PC" stereo / nav / media system (I played with one of their prototypes). Japanese stereo equipment in general is very reliable and typically can be restored, when a skilled, knowledgeable technician is performing the repairs.

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Re: 1986 Car Audio Options

Old Alpine, period. 9800 and 7900 series CD players with 4v pre-out. I use old school ADS PQ series amps for power. Built like tanks with clean power. Speakers, I prefer new technology separates. Morel, Focal, and for serious sound (cost) DynAudio. Used to run MB Quarts separates in the Bimmers also.
Separates with clean power and sound deadening will fill up the small area of your Civic.
Good Luck.

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Re: 1986 Car Audio Options

ALPINE!!! ;-p

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The stereo brand to have back in that time period was Alpine. Also popular were Pioneer, Clarion and Nakamichi. The lesser brands were Sanyo, Audiovox, Craig, Sony and Panasonic. For amps and pre-amps there were many more manufacturers that were popular like Rockford Fosgate, Hifonics, Soundstream, Lanzar, MB Quart, etc.

For an '86 civic you will be looking at a single DIN model. These were more popular into the '90s as more and more car manufacturers began to standardize on that form factor. There are some Alpine mobile audio catalogs here but they are from the '90s.

Models with CD players were pretty scarce back then, the cassette was king in the automobile at the time.


Re: 1986 Car Audio Options

you also may have a look here:
Regards Werner
This brand was factory fitted on Honda cars in Germany!!