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60s vintage Pionner SM-G204

I know this is a long shot but anyone? This is a tube receiver with a "tuning-eye" tube up front. It's evidently from around 1962 and is about 15 watts per channel I understand. I know it used to work but it's been put away so long I'm afraid to turn it on.

Pioneer sm g 204 manual

Hi, OM

I have a Pionner smg 204B fully restored and I have the service manual.
Please, let me know if yours is the 204B (it's a little different from the 204). If you have doubt send me a picture.

pioneer SMG 204B service Manual

Hello there good sir,

I have an pioneer SMG 204B that needs a little TLC. Could I please have a copy of the service manual?


service manual

Thanks Caffrox I already have the schematic and was after the service manula but thanks anyway.

60s vintage Pioneer SM-G204

And what is your wish, master? :) Owners Manual? Service manual? Or you decide to say to all about your receiver and your fear? :)

I can offer schematics only... Seems, no one has service manual...