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Accuphase P300L and others Service Data

I am looking for a schematic or service manual.

Data of the mains transformer alone would be nice also,
because it is burnt.

This is not for the first time a defective transformer is
encountered on Accuphase amps or japanese gear
in general.

The german importer will not provide schematics any
more "because of sole property of Accuphase". This has
been different in the past though.

I can help with diagrams for C240 , C280 , E202 , E204 ,
E303 , E305 , P11 , P266 , P500 as paper copies, maybe
PDF later.

Edit for search engine: C-240 , C-280 , E-202 , E-204 ,
E-303 , E-305 , P-11 , P-266 , P-500

Thank you for response.

Accuphase P300L transformer failure

A short in one of the electrolytic capacitors C28 or C29 on the
main amp boards leads to destruction of the bridge rectifier D28
and subsequent failure of the mains transformer. R76, R77 went
open on this board subsequently.

I strongly recommend to insert fuses in the two yellow transformer
secondary leads to prevent this. 0.4 amps slow blow should be fine.
The transformer wiring can be accessed from the bottom of the amp.

This transformer has an internal thermal fuse, but in my workshop
the defective item had an internal short, both thermal fuse and main
fuse were OK. A new transformer was required.

Accuphase P-266 diagram uploaded yesterday

It includes my remarks and repair hints in german, sorry,
translation on request.