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Acoustic Research speakers

Hi, back in the day, 70-71, I was stationed in Germany and noticed the HiFi Club sold AR speakers. Several guys bought them and they were very nice. I also wanted some but could never put the money together to get any, my priority was to see some of Europe as I figured I would never get the chance again. Anyway, I have acquired several AR turntables and that made me think of getting some AR speakers. Are they really that good compared to what is available now? I have collected and or used Paradigms, Klipsch, EPI, Mordant Short, Infinity and they all seem to do well. I have various amps/receivers to drive them, Marantz, Carver, Luxman, Denon, Realistic and something else somewhere in the basement. So, would I really notice a difference if I spend the money for some and the attendant repairs they would surely need? Part of me says that I am just nostalgic for the past and that I need to just be happy with what I have. If I do start looking for some to buy, are there any ones that are better than others?
Thoughts, comments?

Re: Acoustic Research speakers

I picked up a pair of AR Classic 30’s about a year ago. I liked them enough to replace my Infinity Kappa 8’s. Maybe it’s just my ears, but the Kappa’s outlasted Infinity Crescendo 3007’s, Alon IV’s, ML Aeons and ReQuests, and a bunch of other mid-if speakers. I had a pair of original 3’s for a while that I was selling for a friend, and loved them as well. I have noticed that the 30’s are really power hungry. They now rotate between Carver Crimson 350’s and a pair of Adcom 565’s with the Hoppe’s treatment and they sound wonderful. I tried powering them with the 60wpc Cary Audio SixPacs that I’ve had forever, but they sounded weak and anemic. I knew that they had been powered by solid state McIntosh in their former lives and find it’s a nice match. If they’ve been kept well, you may not need any work done. I checked the crossovers and all caps are fine, but I do have replacements at the ready. I like to tweak caps anyway, and its fun - kinda like tube rolling for your speakers. I highly recommend the 30’s if you can find a pair, but even the smaller bookshelf units I’ve heard still have a presence that belies their size.

Re: Acoustic Research speakers

Personally, I never liked AR speakers (like the AR3). They always sounded muddy and needed a great deal of power to get halfway decent sound out of them. I recommend testing speakers with your amplifiers before buying; if the dealer balks at this, go somewhere else.