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Acurus A250 developed a hum/buzz

I have an Acurus A250, which I love, which has developed a buzzzzz in both channels. Kinda creeped in intermittently over a couple of weeks. Finally it is now constant. As soon as the power is turned on there it is.
Any input (funny now that I said it) on what may have gone awry? Hoping it is not huge power capacitors, but my limited knowledge tells me perhaps not cause it's in both channels.
At any rate, if anyone can give me a clue, I'd appreciate it.

Re: Acurus A250 developed a hum/buzz

Just had a look in the diagram - this is a power amp.

Since the buzz occurs in both channels, a common supply is suspicious.

But this amp has a simple unregulated supply. If it works properly in other
respects I see two points to check:

- The problem is indeed on both channels?

- And if so please check the preamp, disconnect it and switch the 250 on
without input cables and check this way.