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ADC Sound Shaper Two Manual


I have an ADC Sound Shaper Two (Mk1 I think, it has two moving coil meters) that needs repair. I am searching for a Manual preferably with a schematic but even an operation manual would be useful as the switch functions are a mystery and I'm pretty sure it's the switches that are at fault.

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ADC soundshaper 2

I have the service manual for the sound shaper 2 and for the sound shaper 2 MK II this is the first time that I have responded on this site so I am not sure how to get the info to you whether I post it on this site or send direct.

ADC Sound Shaper MkII manual


I just registered with HiFi Engine and was looking for a manual for my ADC equalizer. Saw your post to another member, and wasn't sure if you still have the manuals for your Sound Shaper Two and Sound Shaper Two MkII... I couldn't find them uploaded on HiFi Engine and was wondering if you are able to help... I could guide you how to scan the manuals and then upload them on HiFi Engine, but you'll need to have a scanner or scan them at work or elsewhere and save the file in PDF.

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ADC soundshaper

at that time, I couldn't upload to this site, so, I scanned it and sent via email. I will scan again and try to upload again


Can you email manual you scanned to durry@youcanliveinflorida.com

THANKS & I owe you lunch if you ever come to St Augustine, Florida.