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Advice on how to sell high-spec vintage (1970's) hifi equipment

Hi, I am new to this forum, and a complete no-nothing when it comes to hifi equipment so please forgive me if I ask any newbie questions or come across as a numpty... well, that's because I am :-)

Since my father passed away last year I have inherited an entire room full of old but good quality hifi equipment and have no use (or space) for any of it. I do, however, know that a lot of it is high-spec stuff, as my Dad was an electronics engineer and always bought the best stuff on the market. So I am concerned about just knocking it all off for peanuts on ebay or gumtree as I know the stuff is worth more than that, especially considering most of it works really very well. Plus I don't want to let my Dad down by chucking it away. So I'd like to be able to sell it to hi-fi enthusiasts who actually know their stuff, and who would get the most out of it. Problem is, I have no idea where would be the best place to do this, from a base in the UK.

Most of it dates back to the 1970's and 1980's. There is a quad stereo, with tuner, amp and balance thing. There are two sets of B&W DM2 teak speakers. Two or three sets of reel to reel units. At least two hi-spec record players (can't remember what make but apparently at least one has a very good expensive stylus). Some JVC stuff. And some other stuff (at the moment all peices are carefully packed away from when we cleared the house which is why I can't be more specific).

I do know that at least the quad stereo, the record player and the B&W speakers are worth decent money. So where would be the best place to advertise these for sale?

Thanks, in advance, for any advice that anyone can give me

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I can tell you about eBay, as I am a seller there: BE CAREFUL! eBay is by far the best place to be scammed, robbed, taken advantage of and, when all is done, have your reputation ruined when you are a seller.

You need to be meticulous in how you describe an item that is used; if you claim that it works, EVERYTHING must work! If you miss one tiny detail, you can expect a buyer to open an 'item not as described' case. At eBay, the term 'Used' means quite literally 'an item that functions as the manufacturer intended it to function'. The next definition that eBay allows is 'For Parts, Not Working'--you can always duck any problems by listing an item like this, but you will get far less money for it.

Heavy items like speakers, tape decks and power amps are a problem to ship--you can count on 1.5 to 2 dollars per pound. This is a killer for most sales, and unless you are an expert at packing, I suggest paying someone to do it for you.

If you live in a large city, you might try to see if there are any audiophiles around. Get basic selling prices from eBay first on specific items.

Wish I had better news for you. I don't think most audio equipment has fetched top-dollar since before 2008, when the economy went down the toilet.

Re: Advice on how to sell high-spec vintage (1970's) hifi ...

Thanks Jonnysan, for your advice :-)
I have been an ebay seller for 7 years now, so knew this wasn't the right place to sell this stuff. I will mind what you've said also about the condition. I do know the stuff works, but whether it was modified over the decades I don't know.
Just need to find the right market place now :-)
Thanks again

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Re: Advice on how to sell high-spec vintage (1970's) hifi ...

Jonnysan is correct about ebay, In almost everyone of the many auctions I have done on ebay with stereo gear a very small number of them turned out with out the buyer claiming a false not as described claim. and sometimes I wouldn't even get my same item returned, and when I did get my actual item that I sent back it was either missing parts or had been damaged in some way,and ebay doesn't care about sellers and will side with the buyer 99% of the time. i strongly suggest you try to sell local to avoid any issues that I mentioned, every time that you list valuable or rare item on ebay your rolling the dice.

sooner or later someone will come along and give you a fair price, it sometimes just takes a bit of patience. best of luck on the sale of your items