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Advice on Rotel pre and power amp please

Hello all. I have just got hold of a Rotel RC03 pre amp and 2 RB03 power amps. I have also got these along with a Rotel RCD-02 cd player with DNM reson interconnects.
It also came with 4 Merlin black widow power cables.
I was wondering about these as I have no option to use a mains adaptor as, with my tuntable it uses 5 sockets in a room with only two.
However, the manual for the power amps states that it is best not to connect it into a mains adaptor.
I was thinking that I have a surge protect mains adaptor but would it be best in a mains condition power adaptor like the tacima 6 way which is £30? If so would it be best to continue to use the merlin power cords or should I revert to using the originally supplied cables?
Any advice on this would be greatly received.

Re: Advice on Rotel pre and power amp please

I'm not familiar with these particular Rotel components, not sure if they were ever available in 120V?
Anyways, unless the amp(s) are 500W/ch+ there is no reason not to use a mains adapter (power bar).
Best to put the power amp(s) in the sockets closest to the mains cord, other components in descending order of power consumption as they move along the adapter away from the corded end.
If you are handy, best to remove the surge protection rubbish inside the adapter, it degrades the sound. OTOH, if you have concern about surges and/or have frail digital rubbish components in your audio system, leave well enough alone!
Mains cords CAN improve the sound quality to a slight degree; I doubt these components are of the caliber that you will notice much (sorry!) to get bothered about.
I'm currently recycling some rubbish UPS mains adapter (with the usual pooched el-cheapo Chinese backup battery that isn't worth replacing with a japanese one, since that would cost more than the UPS was EVER worth) for audiophool purposes. I remove all the surge rubbish & put a new cord on them. They're a bit bulky, but the sockets are nice!
I like NATO MIL-SPEC Type "E" silver/teflon hookup wire, it sounds better than ANY & ALL the audiophoole hyperbole-saturated RUBBISH I've EVER tried...or will try, I'm certain!!!
You would do well to replace your DNM interconnect with this stuff as well...HOWEVER!
Unshielded interconnect can cause some power amps to oscillate ultrasonically, usually transistorised ones (my QUAD 405 does this, despite it's deliberately tailored limited bandwidth!). But between source components like from the CDP to the preamp, it works a treat. I think DNM is audio/mystic/fraud. Plastic cases on your amplifiers...please!
So I doubt Denis Morecroft knows anything about making a good piece of cable, either. Just my personal opinion...
This wire is readily available from Belden & other MIL-qualified manufacturers of good wire, which audiophoole wire companies aren't. Even eBay should have plenty of the stuff on offer in small quantities for pennies per foot!
I use 2 sets of twisted 16ga conductors, about 2 turns per inch (an old radioman's trick for humbucking, but don't get too fussy with it as it appears to be more superstition & good looks than effective noise reduction), wired into a denuded (varistor & LED's etc. removed) mains adapter and just put some generic mains plug of decent quality on the other end.
Good luck!

Re: Advice on Rotel pre and power amp please

Tube God,
Thank you for your advice - I got the system as a job lot including the DNM interconnects - I had a Cambridge audio Aud 500 interconnect which I used on my previous amp - the Denon PMA520 to Denon DCD520 CD player which gave good results but I sold the amp and cd on eBay to fund the rotel as I thought they were a bargain - The pre amp, 2 power amps, Atacama shelves (the modular one on spikes) loads of QED speaker cable, rotel cd player, three sets of the DMH cable, 2 Atlas Equator interconnects and the 4 merlin black widow cables for £200 (!) which I thought was a great deal!
This will probably be my last upgrade for a while - I sold my stuff which took me 4 years to get too to fund this and want to try and make this last (funds are limited as I don't work due to having MS).
The DMH sounded the best of the interconnects - the Cambridge audio came second but I found the atlas equators too bright.
Anyway, I am learning more all the time and am doing more listening to see if there is a discernible difference in the power cables vs the stock ones and if not I will sell them to upgrade my existing turntable's cartridge (Thorens TD160) but if there is a difference, however small I will keep them as it is probably the only chance of getting that sort of grade!
Once again, thank you ever so much for your help, it is very much appreciated.