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advice on using Sansui 777a and 1981 Acoustic Research towers system in hotel setting with vynal

I am seeking advice on using a quality home hi fi components to create the sound we love to hear in our top end home stereo in a pub. Using the above gear. However, I will want to also use a pair of bose 901 series 111 upstairs, and will need to drive these sp[eakers to get a big volume in a busy room. any advice or experience in either using these products at a big party or in a big room would be much appreciated.

dan floyd steelydanfloyd@yahoo.com

Sansui AU-777a

Personally I think the Sansui 777a, while a great vintage amp, is, at some 30wpc, far underpowered for your application. There's also the potential issue of running a 40+ year old amp for long periods of time at high-load conditions .... made far worse by connecting 2 sets of speakers. You need professional-level equipment for your application.

You might also get better response and suggestions to your question by posting over in the Forum on Vinylengine.com. This Requests section on this web site is really for people looking for copies of documentation on their equpment (and also in the forum you can set it so you get notified via email of responses).

Sansui au-777a

I personally disagree with some of the point mention because sansui amp has a very good build quality and it wont let you down very easyly.This amp can perform very well although it is played for long hours and i do have an earlier model au-777.