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aiwa 1260 cassette tape deck service manual and owners manual download please

i am trying to get a servivce manual and owners manual for my vintage aiwa 1260 cassette tape deck this is a hard one to locate! i would love to get my hands on this manual as i am restoring this piece to specs.

Aiwa 1260

Also have one - pulled apart, & belt kit (4 belts - from Bob at vintage audio) Problem is belts so melted down, that with the exception of the two off the flywheel/shaft - cant figure out others. If you find a manual, I would be glad to share cost on it


tape deck aiwa

i dont know if last post went through so ill post again mine was rebuilt about two three years ago by me and let me tell you it is a hard deck to rebuild and get working. i got evrything working and it sounds great i could help you on yours and fix it but it would be hard not being there . or i could tear mine back down and photo graph the belts but i would almost be scared to get that beast back aprat! it took three days to fix it and i just took alcohol or maybe another strong good solvent and cleaned all the belt residue with q tips and from there located the counter belt i think it was the hardest to figure out but cant remember now. i do know that the counter belt was the smallest? its been almost three years but i can tell ya that the deck is belt like a tank and a jig saw puzzle!