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Aiwa AD-F370 Service Manual wanted

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Can someone please help me find this? The drive belt in my old and trusty Aiwa AD-F370 cassettedeck has sort of melted. I can get a replacement belt (if someone knows the exact length needed, please let me know! otherwise I'll have to try and measure with a piece of string), but since the old one actually sort of let go of everything it was supposed to touch I don't know how to put in the new one. That is to say, obviously I can open the deck, but there is a wheel and two capstans that the belt probably has to do something with and I don't know how to thread the belt around these. My guess would be around the wheel, then around the capstan furthest from the wheel, then the lower side of the belt over the capstan nearest the wheel. Can anyone please let me know if this guess is correct, or otherwise how to do this? Will be eternally grateful!