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AIWA AD-F810 cassette deck

a owners user manual for aiwa ad-f810 cassette deck please.

Re: AIWA AD-F810 cassette deck

Nice deck.. I bought the ADF910, which I still have from brand new. Some specs for the decks, Taken from the advertising leaflet for Aiwa product range from 92-93

3-head design: super Dx recording and playback heads with sendust erase head
AIWA original AMTS (anti modulation tape stabiliser) to cut resonance
Ohno continuous casting pure copper wire minimises signal loss
Recording calibration system
Diecast alloy bias shield head block * 2-motor dual capstan drive mechanism * Dolby HX professional * feather touch IC logic control * Dolby B and C noise reduction * music sensor * Counter return * Linear tape counter * 3_display mode : all/counter/off * repeat fuction * independent left/right fluorescent level meters with peak hold

Reading the specs and looking at the pictures of your deck it appears very similar to the ADF910 which I have the user manual for. (first figure is for 910 second for 810)

0Vu +/- 3dB
normal 20Hz-12KHz --- 20Hz-12kHz
CrO2 --- 20-13k --- 20-13k
Metal --- 10-14k --- 20-14k

-20VU +/- 3dB
normal --- 15-19k --- 15-18k
CrO2 --- 15-19k --- 15-19k
Metal --- 15-21k --- 15-20k

-20VU -10dB
normal --- 10-20k --- 10-19k
CrO2 --- 10-21k --- 10-20k
Metal --- 10-22k --- 10-21k

S/N Dolby C on with metal tape
79dB --- 78dB

S/N Dolby B on metal tape
68dB --- 65dB

wow and flutter (WRMS)
0.028% --- 0.035%