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Aiwa AD-WX777: both tape drives still blocked after belt replacement

Hello all AIWA Specialists

Is there some kind of RESET required, after replacing the belts ??

At the Highspeed dubbing deck, unfortunately the small square belt already had been totally stretched and screwed out into the cassette load, that I first couldn't realize it's functional guidance anymore.

Finally I got it by replacing the small square belt from the feed spindle over the pulley of the counter (placed on the main chassis).
I still have the problem, that everything looks fine, but without any wheel movements. Switches are working but the tape drives seem electronically blocked.

(I got good quality spare belts from here:
… and also found it easy, changing the flat belt(s) of both tape decks.)
I'ld appreciate tutorials and step by step procedures about what's most important to take care of.

many thanks

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Re: Aiwa AD-WX777: both tape drives still blocked after belt ...

Check the electronic counter.