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Aiwa AD-WX909 Manual / Repair Location


I have an AD-WX909 that I know for sure needs new belts, but the "Playback" deck (1) does not want to function at all. I am happy to have a go, and have removed the belts from Deck 2 and am now looking for a supplier of spares I can go to.

However, Deck 1 does nothing so very well could be beyond my skill level to fix. Does anyone know of a reputable place in/around North London that could have the facilities/skills to repair it?

Any help gratefully received

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Belts for the AD-WX909

Did you ever get belts for your AIWA WX909 dual deck? I just restored one I bought on eBay, and I found the exact belt sizes. They work great, and the deck is awesome-probably the most technically correct dubbing deck out there. I have a bunch of TDK SA-series high bias cassettes that are master "best of" tapes that I made of Boston, Moody Blues, and more. I recorded them from CDs on my AD-WX808 deck back in the '90's, but my WX808 finally developed a broken head reverse gear in the record deck. The WX808 made great copies, forward and in reverse, but the 3-head dual capstan recording deck in the WX909 is definitely superior. I listened to a copy I made last night on the way in to work this morning, and it rivals a CD.
Here's what I bought, and where. The shipping was almost $6.00 - about the cost of 4 belts (2 were for another deck). Incidentally, the smaller of these belts works perfectly in the AIWA AD-WX808 deck.
Larger Belt: Flat Belt Medium: FBM9.6. This is considered an 8-track belt, but it works great in the WX909.
Smaller belt: Flat Belt Small: FBS8.4

The company is Studio Sound Electronics (www.studiosoundelectronics.com). I've used them twice now, without a single error, and they get your stuff to you fast.

By the way, if your belts in deck 1 are old and stretched, the deck cannot "initialize" when it's turned on, so the deck will appear to be bad. Mine did that before I replaced the belt (deck 1 has just the FBS8.4 belt).