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Aiwa M700 Cassette deck drive belts

Hi all, Hope you can help. I've recently purchased an Aiwa M700 that's not working. I've found that all the drive belts and the small rubber drive capstan are shot. (It's the small rubber drive wheel located top/central where the cassette fits in). So, where can I get a set of belts and capstan from? And, if I need the diameter of them, has anyone got that info too? Any help would be much appreciated. Bruce

Update 17/06/12: I ordered a "Belt kit" from CPC containing 10 different sizes. I found the 3 belts that fitted and got my deck working. The capstan wheel I replaced with some insulation from some 25 amp electric cable. It works, but the thickness is just a little bit too big because the tape speed is too fast. I will have to experiment a little more with that.