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Aiwa SA-C50 potentiometer replacement (balance)

Hi, my dad has this good old Aiwa system (complete, 30+ years old),
but the balance potmeter on the pre-amp finally gave in.

The body of the potmeter reads out the following numbers: 002S 6210 10k ohm.
Can anyone point me in the direction of an exact replacement?
Searched online without luck so far.

BR Stephan

Aiwa SA-C50 potentiometer replacement (balance)

You will probably need to replace it with an after market control. The important factors would be shaft length, type of shaft (D shaft, knurled, round) and how it mounts (PC or threaded for a nut). You will need a 10k (thousand) ohm control that is linear, not audio, taper; it will usually have a B after the value--A is for audio taper.
You can search eBay to find something that might work.