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Akai 4 channel 400 dd

Hi, I am new to this. I have an Akai 4 channel recorder. I am a ham operator that acquired it. I have no use for it. It has a noisy motor and 1 broken arm, which I think is a common occurence. Is it worth anything or should I set it out to the curb ?

Re: Akai 4 channel 400 dd

All vintage equipment is worth something. I am assuming that this is an Akai GX-400D-ss 4 channel tape deck)
Usually the major driver of price is condition. As long as the unit isn't really beat up, people like me will buy it. While the noisy motor, and broken arm will cause its value to decrease, it can still sell. And even really beat up units can sell for "parts", the price is usually pretty low, unless the item is highly valued like the high end Pioneer and Sansui Receivers from the late 70's.

It is worth something, don't set it out on the curb.

Re: Akai 4 channel 400 dd

Agreed. Then again, a motor and an arm are not hard to replace if all else is good on the deck. That was a higher end deck for its time of manufacture. Built like a tank too.