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akai 4000ds amp level adjustments.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set the amp levels (record / playback) without the use of sine waves.

Thank you.

I would not do ... but if it does not work

This procedure is very approximate, but in the absence of a generator could fit in the case of "emergency."
You can use a CD of classical music where there are many orchestral pieces that will last a long time and get a signal almost stable peaks. So you have the time to adjust the trimmers placed under the printed circuit comparing the output of the amplifier on VUmeter.
Adjust the trimmers the first record and then the playback.
In any case it is a very, very rough adjustment, and I advise you not to touch anything except the proper instrumentation.
I did this test on my 4000 DS MK II and the error of this procedure is very large compared to at least a 30% instrumental value.
So if someone have moved the trimmers can proceed with this empirical system, but if you try to achieve optimal adjustment of doing nothing! You could make things worse!
I have seen several 4000 DS, and all had levels adjusted only on my own, unfortunately, someone had stepped on trimmers convinced that this will improve the sound of heads due to wear.
I hope that my little tip has been helpful and I apologize for my bad English!