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AKAI 4000DS MK 2

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Hello there all you tape heads,
Im new to this and have a problem ( I might be thick :) )

I have a nice serviced Akai 4000DS MK2 and want to record
my vinyl onto it.
I have a pioneer PL-12D turntable going thro a Cambridge audio amp.

So far so good I hear you cry well, I have correctly wierd it up, the turntable into phono, the tape ins and outs in the amp.

I go to record on the tape paused ready and checking the VU meters for levels, lovely big signal on the source but when I
switch it to the tape to see the signal to tape there is nothing?

When I plug my laptop straight in the back of the Akai ( 3mm minijack to phono ) I get a lovely signal
on both the source and tape monitor.

I have tried this with two different amps and same result, so its not the built in preamps for phono.

do I need a external preamp also ? or Im i big stupid .

Any advise would be great!



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Re: AKAI 4000DS MK 2

Hi, if you're getting a signal on source, then you should get a signal on tape. Especially as you say it works fine when you plug your laptop directly. I'm assuming you released the pause control while recording :p
I have an Akai 4000D which is the model before yours. Functions are basically the same.
I also assume you are getting a signal through the amplifier when you play vinyl directly.
Other than that, maybe the tape/source switch needs some switch cleaner.

Hope that helps,


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Re: AKAI 4000DS MK 2

Hello William,
Thank you for you reply, and thanks for confirming I should have a a signal on source, then should get a signal on tape!
I thought I was going mad :)
Yes I have released the pause control while recording, a easy mistake to make !
I was getting a lovely signal through the source and tape switch with the laptop but now nothing through the tape side.
I have concluded there is a internal problem with the 4000DS MK 2 .
I will spay the switch with some servisol just to make sure. A bonus if it works.
I will get to the bottom of it and will report back with the results .
Thank you again you have most helpful
Kind regards