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Akai 4000DS Playback Issue

Hi all.

I need some help, please.

I haven't had this unit long - it all seems to work OK, but one thing I can't figure out.

When playing back a pre-recorded tape with 4 different tracks recorded, whatever I do I can hear two tracks at the same time.

I've looked at the online manual (not sure if it's MKI or II, but seems the same to this extent) and it says when playing back in mono, "pull the right channel centre recording level control outwards".

I assume this is the control to the right of the right-hand V meter - it doesn't pull outwards, the knob just pulls off!

Could use some assisstance, pls!

Many thanks.


Re: Akai 4000DS Playback Issue

Hi Jeff,

The right centre control should pull out (if the knob is fixed tightly).

If the recordings are in mono then also try switching the Track Selector Switch away from "Stereo" to either 3-2 or 1-4.



Re: Akai 4000DS Playback Issue

Thanks, David.

I've taken the knob off and pushed the centre spindle in and out - there's movement but no definite 'click' in and out.

The mains power switch has now stopped switching it off now, so maybe I'll remove the back, take out these two components and gove them a good clean/lube. Very carefully!