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Akai 4000ds recording problem

Hi, I have an akai 4000ds mk1 that plays well on both channels but when attempting to record, the left channel you can hear the music but it comes out as a buzz. I've tried cleaning the switches with a cleaner, a demag, but still can't work it out. If anyone can help please please let me know.

Many thanks, Nigel.

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regarding your problem if you know electronics servicing please follow the following procedure.

01. clean the Recording Switches.
02. Take multimeter and verify the recording bias voltage on Recording head for both the channels . it must be above 5 V. A.C. in Recording position.

03. connect the set to amplifier and and verify the input audio signal. May be the prblem with Recording pre amplifier i.e input or coupling capacitors between two transistors or shorted or junction opened transistor. Also verify the Voltage at all Transistors collector pin points. May be the Load Resistor opend or leaky capacitor.

04. as you said one channel is recording well means tha problem with recording pre amplifier I think, but you verify all the above said components and voltages.

Karuna Kumar

Can't record one channel

Could be the bias trap out of adjustment, sometimes the tuning slug on the bios trap coil can be adjusted to allow more bias to the heads. That was my problem on a couple of machines,I replaced bios transistors and caps and coil,still no good. Sony said I needed new heads but it was just an adjustment.
Good luck,Loza.

PS I'm looking for schematic and/or service manual for Dokorder 9050H please ??