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Akai 910 r-r service manual sought

I have a fairly rare Akai 910 reel to reel. If you do a search you will find very little info on this model. It's a valve, mono half track which sounds really rather good. Produced around 1965 I think.

I'd like to do an electronics service but do not have a service manual. I doubt if i will find one either. But as this is an Akai, there might be a forum member who knows more about this model than myself, and who might be able to point me in the right direction for info. Maybe the electronics are based on another model from around the same period?

Happy to purchase a manual if anyone has it.


Akai 910 Reel to Reel

Hi, allanulles. Don't have the manual but am just trying to get my own 910 going. I acquired it at a garage sale years ago and it's been stored. I have encountered a few problems, Firstly mechanical, the takeup idler didn't want to spring into place for a few seconds, but when I freed it up, I found that the capstan wouldn't drive when under pressure from the pinch roller. I had changed both belts for the nearest equivalents I had on hand, but it appears to need more tension, so I'll have to chase a belt a bit closer to original. But the main reason I am posting this, is to save you from a possible disaster. When I left the thing running in the stop mode for a few minutes, there was the smell of a burning winding. After pulling it apart, the smell appeared to be from the motor. But it wasn't hot. I felt the two oil-filled caps in the motor circuit and the smaller one 0.5 uF 350V was warm. Sure enough, it was electrically leaky. The motor appears to have survived, maybe there's a fan in there which sucked the fumes from the cap through it, and it really didn't suffer at all. So if you still own the machine, I'd recommend replacing the two caps, though I couldn't find anything in the workshop to replace the larger one. It's nearly a year since you posted. I actually bought TWO Akais at the same time, the other one is a strange device - no tape audio, just deafening crackles when the volume controls are moved, haven't been game to tackle it yet, because it is actually a Reel-to-Reel, an 8-Track player and a Cassette Player all in the one box! Didn't know such a monster existed! ....I'll need a REALLY CLEAN BENCH to take that one apart. It's actually quite tall.

Re: Akai 910 Reel to Reel

I have an AKAI 910 R-R which I have owned since 1968 with no manual and I am looking for a new home for this rare beast to be used for spares or repair. I am based in Hampshire UK.