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AKAI AA-910 receiver

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I just found an AKAI AA-910 receiver and I do not see anything on your site with any information on it.Seeing if you know anything about it.

Re: AKAI AA-910 receiver

If you do a search of the catalogue database there are a few hits that should provide some info?

It looks to be the same as the AA-910DB but without the dolby processor?

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Re: AKAI AA-910 receiver

Hey.The db is the only one I found on the site.I also went on the net and I have seen two different receivers with the same model number.The other one I have seen had different knobs on the front and a fuse on the back.Mine has no fuses on the back? Interesting.

Re: AKAI AA-910 receiver

My Dutch isn't brilliant, but FWIW Google translator makes the description in the linked catalogues a bit clearer.

Akai AA-910
Stereo receiver

The AA-910 receiver starts the program from Akai. The amplifier has an output of 14 watts per channel at 8 ohms (continuous RMS). The power bandwidth (Ref 1% distortion) covers the area of ​​20-45000 Hz.

These are very favourable values ​​for a device in this price range. Besides the usual connections are two microphone inputs, for recording or Public Address (you can make your voice loud and clear!).

Tape recording is possible with two recorders. Four loudspeakers can be connected to this receiver.

There is provided a preset for the volume control. This prevents the volume to be too high with small speakers.

The AA-910 is also equipped with a highly sensitive AM/FM stereo tuner.

Akai AA-910 DB
Stereo receiver

The base is the same as the AA-910, but there is the built-in Dolby noise reduction system.

Also you will see a different front panel, including two additional VU meters. This allows the Dolby system at every recorder (also cheap cassette recorders) to be reproduced well.

Advantage: with Dolby in the receiver you do not have to have a recorder with Dolby too.

In addition, the possibility is also present to signals from other sound sources Dolby-perfect again, such as future FM programs and record players.

As with the AA-910, a very sensitive AM/FM stereo tuner is built-in