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Akai AP-Q41 Turntable

Does anyone have a service manual for the Akai AP-Q41 direct drive, fully automatic turntable?

Akai AP-Q 41

Hello! You can find file here:

The Liink is for Owner's Manual - Not the Service Manual

Thanks zag69 for your efforts ... but I am still looking for the service manual folks.

I found this a bit funny since the linked file is for the owner's manual on Vinylengine - and it is the manual that I scanned and submitted.

Still Looking

For the Akai AP-Q41 turntable service manual. Thanks.

Still Looking

Service manual for AP-Q41 turntable.

Still Looking

Akai AP-Q41 Service Manual

Service Manual

Preliminary version of the AP-Q41 manual is posted to the manuals section of VE. Also refer to the AP-Q310 manual for info. Still would like to get the full version of the manual if anyone has it.

Akai AP-Q41 Turntable SM

I've obtained and submitted a full copy of the service manual. Hopefully up on vinylengine soon.