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Akai AS980 Repair

I am looking to get my AkAI AS980 repaired. One speaker keeps cutting out - need to know of a good service shop to send to - Thanks, Tom

AKAI AS980 Repair

Where are you located?? Are you looking for just a repair, or a restoration?

These big units are easily damaged in shipping. I have found UPS best, Fedex 2nd, and USPS a distant 3rd. Your unit has I believe 6 mechanical VU meters, which can be adversely affected by jarring, dropping, and banging. Shipping can easily cost $75 to $100 each way. So if you have a good local option you can save a bunch.
Having said this though, I have received probably 125-150 units shipped from all 3 carriers above, and most arrive without serious damage.
Just about all units sent to me via UPS arrive without an issue or damage. They are the best.
Almost all units shipped by USPS to me are handled very roughly, and superb packing is the only way to avoid serious damage. You have to assume that the box will be dropped from a height of 3 to 4 feet, at least once, if not more, during its journey.

I am in the NYC area. Send me a message if you are interested in discussing service.

AKAI AS980 Repair

Tom, did you get my reply?