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Akai GX-265D Reel to Reel repair questions

Hi everyone. Glad to have found this site. For the last few years I have been copying my old cassette tapes, vinyl, VHS and reel to reels to my computer so that I can clear out some space. I am almost finished with the cassettes (probably another month or so) and decided to do the reels next. However last time I used the deck (probably about 10 years ago) Whatever controls the play speed is acting up because play speeds up by itself.

Are repair parts still available anywhere for this model? Or is it worth looking at thrift stores, Craigslist and Ebay for a different deck?
I am not sure I can repair this myself. I am somewhat astute at computers and have fixed turntable and VCR's in the past. I downloaded the manuals for this model and began looking at them and the mechanisms are somewhat complicated with a lot of parts and it looks confusing at first glance. How hard will this be to repair?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and comments to help me.