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akai gx-266II capstan motor problem

Hello, I have just bought a Gx-266II off of ebay that has been sitting for years, I was told.
I cleaned the board that is mounted upside down at the top of the inside of the unit, I believe it is the syscon board, also cleaned the amp board at the bottom of the unit, using 99% isopropyl alcohol.
I powered the unit up and checked the functions. They all worked,FF,F,stop,R,Rwd,even the record light worked when depressed with either F or R. The sensors work as well when activated for auto reverse.
One of the Reel motors was screeching from time to time but cleared up after a couple of hours of running and now is fine all the time.

The capstan motor was not running at all, then after a couple of hours of just having the unit on and the reel motors running the capstan motor started running on its own. I pressed the reverse and the capstan motor reversed as it should.
I then depressed the tape speed switch from 7.5 to 3-3/4 and it did slow down until it stopped completely. It has not started since.

I checked the four leads comming from the motor,red,blue,brown,yellow. The red and blue do show around 110 ohms and brown and yellow show approx. 170 ohms, but there is no DC Voltage across either set of terminals. The Service Manual I found on line says there is a Pick up Coil that should read 665 ohms, I can not seen to find that to test it.
I have jumped the Black wire from the Power Supply with any of the 4 wires from the motor and it does turn on.

I aslo checked the capacitor that is rated at 470uf 160v and do get around 46v when measured, have no way to test the 470uf micro ferrits though.

Any help with this problem I am experiencing would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.