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Akai GX 270

I have an Akai GX 270 that begins to slow down in play mode after take up reel is approx 50% full.
this happens also when in FF and Rewind any ideas and how to fix would be really appreciated.

Re: Akai GX 270

The main motor AC capacitors may be bad; this is a dual section capacitor rated at 3.5 and 1.5uf at 150 volts. You will probably have to use two separate capacitors to replace this; any AC voltage at 150 volts or higher is OK but the rating has to be 1.5 and 3.5uf.
There are two .47uf capacitors on the supply and take-up motors; these may be bad but probably not your problem.
You should check that the motors turn freely when the brakes are released.

Re: Akai GX 270

Many thanks for quick reply.
Will check and keep you informed.
I appreciate the help.