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Akai GX-270d

Hi All,
I have been trying to get info about my GX 270.
I had it "repaired" because it started to slow down in all modes as the 7inch tape reels filled to the point that they would stop just before getting completely full (BASF LP and DP tape).
The repair shop said that they had fixed it and that the cause was the MP Capacitor 3.1uf 1.5uf.
Seemingly not so as I still have the problem and the shop has gone belly up.
I am not a dummy although my radio and electrical knowledge dates from the days of colour coded wire built recorders.(M8 Rolls Royce which I still have)
I removed the unit from the case and found that the capacitor had been connected with two grey wires to the common and a green wire to the 3.5uf side. with no connection to the 1.5uf side. The cap is 150 WV.AC.
I note that on the schematic I downloaded from hifi engine it does not show any colour coded wiring
I would appreciate any advice as to the possible fix for my machine and maybe colour coded circuit diagram if such a thing exists.
Many thanks in advance.

Re: Akai GX-270d

The capacitor should be rated at 3.5uf 150 volts AC; not 3.1uf. The 1.5uf capacitor is used if your line frequency is 50Hz; if it's 60Hz then you will only need the 3.5uf capacitor. These capacitors need to be close in tolerance or the speed will be off.
If the motor doesn't spin freely you probably have a lubrication problem. If your take-up motor doesn't have enough torque then you could have a bad power resistor (usually dark green) or bad connections, or a lubrication problem.