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Akai GX 286 DB Service Manual and Slowdown problem

I have an Akai GX 286 DB Tape Deck that slows down as I'm rewinding tape to the origin reel (on the left) as I get closer to the full point. Anyone have any ideas? I suspect a belt problem, but really have no idea. If I do need to replace the belt, I will also need a service manual.


Re: Akai GX 286 DB Service Manual and Slowdown problem

Hi Ziggy,

Recently I saw this request from you. I don't know if you solved the problem. But the Akai GX-286(D)(B) doesn't have belts for the supply and take-up reel. Both are direct driven by the Akai Eddy current motor. It could be a capacitor problem, after 40 years. The large capacitor has double outlets, where both motors are connected to.

I have almost the same problem with my GX-286DB deck. I am thinking of replacing both motors and the large CAP from another deck (GX-210, which is a spare one).

Do you already found a service manual? Or maybe after 4 years this problem is solved?