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Akai GX-4000D won't rewind !


Greetings to all. I have a very nice Akai GX-4000D which will not rewind at all. Whenever I turn the handle to rewind nothing happens ! Everything else works as it should. Will someone of you's please assist me concerning this matter ? Thank you and have a great evening. Timmon Cobbs

Re: Akai GX-4000D won't rewind !

Could be a mechanical problem; the rewind idler may not be engaging. Usually caused by lubrication that has dried out. The only way to fix this is by removing the parts, cleaning the old lube off, re-lubing and re-assembling.

Re: Akai GX-4000D won't rewind !

Thank you very much Johnnysan for you very quick reply. Thank you very much and I truly appreciative to you. I sorta collect R2R's, but not repair them in depth.I will do this and I'll surely get back with you. Have a great day !