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Akai GX 77

Can anyone tell me how much a Akai GX-77 real to real, is worth, if it is in very good conditon?

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i found it the nicest of 18cm (7inch) reels decks ever built as i love robotics of it & have and use 7 of them at this moment...its enfant terrible of almost every real akai fanatic, as it resemble nothing of anything made by akai before... (something like minolta 9xi in photography - prof. photographers were complaining that there is no turn-dial on it!! - morons!) - thats always when somebody is trying to bring something really revolutionary or at least so called: progressive...
belt is hard to change indeed, but thats almost with every deck..surely easier than on any of cassette decks (with few exceptions of unicly excellent design - mostly you have to fight & take time and lots of patience - thats what the hobby is about!) i have seen/had few different versions, with/without din/cinch switch, little different prints, in some cases some elements made of plastic instead aluminum /late models??/ they do have some problems with tape loading or to low hanging pinch rollers, but not structurally... + this deck doesn't like could temperature...as a fact...
fantastic quick reverse, sound...not that characteristic, full and... colored like early 600/650/630 or later /my favorite/635, but still very good /more neutral, digital like - typical early 80ties/, contributes to sacd if a source...needs ac adapter to hold the counter...mp-515 /15v,300ma,forgot polarization/ ...made in 3 colors: silver, graphite & black - graphite the nicest in my opinion, black rarest...- and ugliest like hell!!!...like almost all of akai of this period (excl. 625 maybe)
- even if it wasn't made/designed by akai self it has one of the weirdest akai problems onboard: after some time playing capstan motor stops without any reason.. i had this in few of akai rtr decks (gx77d, 635d, & one more but forgot which one was it) some man point on weak/overheating powering or servo, others just scratch theres hairy parts.. - when cooled down decks start to play as nothing ever happened... sometimes occurs as soon as after 30 minutes, sometimes test-plays 2 days non-stop, or weeks of normal use and nothing wrong happens - any decent knowledge/experience-based suggestions here svp??? /still got two to fix - lots & lots of soldering to play with substitutes/ - never had problems with belts on this model - like on most akais..i have /small/ number of them still running on original belts - after 30 years! /with no sound fx noticeable ;)/
if someone complains about akai belts & other rubbers - check the condition on optonicas or sansuis from this same years - thats the real /sticky/ disaster...(by pioneer just slightly better)
...other common problem is corrosion on direction switch inside and din/cinch switch on the back, if present - switch repeatedly if unequal level on channels or reverse...- it often helps...
- red clips mounting dust cover are often missing , check/ask before buy...
- cassette decks in this same design line are: cs-f33r, gx-f44r, gx-f66r, gx-f66rc
- later added really very rare microphone mixer mm77 /does not match the design line anymore/
- cable rc-21 and ir remotes rc-90 rc-91
- and last but not least extremely rare reels r-77mp...
success & all the best everybody!

Akai GX-77

If it is in mint condition, you have to think about €550.


Thanks, I am new to this side of the house. I got this for next to nothing from someone that didnt know what it was. I would say for its age it a 9.0 out of 10. Is better to try to sell it over seas? Or here in USA?

Derlis Carrasquillo

Akai GX-77

Why would you sell it?
I say keep it. Magnificant piece of machine.
Seen prices between €550 and €950.
It is definately a collectors item.
So is the Akai GX-747.