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Akai GX-95 Reference Master

Does anybody know how to fix an unhappy cassette holder? Regardless of cassette type or empty the mechanism closes for a few moments, then opens. It doesn't recognize anything, doesn't play or record, but whirs for a few moments then opens as if a "reject" button had been pressed. All electronics and moving components are as new, it has only been played for about 11 hours in total since new, and the whole machine is in immaculate condition...any suggestions?

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Re: Akai GX-95 Reference Master

I have an Akai GX 95 MK-II and had similar problem. It took me over 3 weeks to troubleshoot the problem. And I fixed it.

The tape transport in this wonderful piece of audio equipment has two motors. One the Cam Motor that controls the opening and closing function of the transport since this deck has power eject. The second one is the Reel Motor, which drives and controls both take up and supply reels. The function of this Reel Motor is also to drive the Play, Forward and Rewind functions that are logically controlled by the central processing unit.

Both these Motors are driven and controlled by a single monolithic and digital IC LB 1649. It is a dual bi-directional motor driver. Since each channel has a 2-input logic circuit it performs bidirectional driving and braking function capable of driving 2 motors of various types (CAM and REEL Motors) at 6 to 24 volts. The output voltage is varied by an external Zener Diode before the supply goes to the CAM motors (it is also commonly known as Loading Motor) and the REEL Motor. The voltage of these are adjusted by the two pre-sets which are located on the top of transport and can be seen visibly.

I strongly can conclude that this IC LB 1649 in your Akai GX 95 II is faulty and since the supply is not constant you are experiencing this loading and take up problems in you Deck. IC LB 1649 is still available and is manufactured by Sanyo.

I am Audiophile and live in India. Should you require a copy of Akai GX 95 MK II Service Manual, I can send it.

You may want to check ou https://www.ventronchip.com/ to source this IC LB 1649
Hope this helps

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Thank you Cprangara, well explained and very helpful. I do have a copy of the service manual, but the illustrations are too obscured to identify components and locations. I will have to wait until the WD40 has dried before I disturb anything and try dismantling, but if I do get stuck I will certainly contact you if I still need a better copy of the Manual. Thank you again. R.

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I am not familiar with the GX-95, but I would first check the line that controls the eject to the associated microprocessor. I would disconnect the front panel switch to see if the problem persists, then check the circuit board around this microprocessor for corrosion. Next I would check power supply voltages; you may have a regulator problem.

You may also have a lubrication problem; if the tape won't move it may just eject the tape.

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Just tried something out of sheer frustration: sprayed WD40 around all the door mechanisms, cam & reel motors, and mecha block then forced it a little...it shut, it played a tape..but now won't open! Ah well...at least now I know it's purely mechanical ...more dismantling to follow... :o(

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Never, ever spray WD40 or anything at all randomly into a cassette deck.
You probably had some old slack (now too long) and/or dried out rubber belts. Now you also have friction reducing WD40 everywhere, and that's why the door mechanism is working even worse. There is no "searching" for a cassette: only belts not working/missing. Please take it to someone who knows what they are doing.

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Tried taking it to "specialist" and "experts", such as they are here in Western Australia. All they did was search for a replacement part, in this case non exist, so their solutions were "throw it away", "buy a new one", etc.
The door mechanism works fin now, and I'm patient;WD40 dries over time. Thank you for your input, noted, and I know which direction to take it next time.

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Thank you so much for your help, very much appreciated.
It's not a lubrication problem, no corrosion whatsoever (all looks in mint condition), not voltage either.
Everything appears to move into place, ready to play/record, but it just whirs as it "searches" for a cassette, then gives up and opens again.
I've tried your suggestion of disconnecting the front panel but this made no difference ..it's as if just can't sense the cassette.