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AKAI GX-C 750 D problem

Hi all,

A collegue of mine has a AKAI GXC 750 D casettedeck in black.
This model was the top-model in 1979.

It has the following problem;

When fast-forwarding, rewinding or playback a tape it stops after 2 seconds.
I suspect a microswitch or an adjustment in the springs.
Does anyone experience simular problems or recognise this problem, please help.

The servicemanual would help greately also.

Thanks in advance,


Email me at: anton3079@orange.nl



The deck is in working order again, indeed the tapecounter-belt was the right suspect.
Adjusted the trimmers, cleaned the board, made a testtape, runs like NEW!

Q: Does anyone have an owners manual?

Thanks in advance.

AKAI GX-C 750 D problem REPLY

Hi Anton,

Sounds as if you need a new set of belts. When they become aged and dried out (slick) they don't "grab" like they use to. When the counter belt slips it sends an electrical message to the auto stop mechanism that the tape is not moving and therefore shuts it off. The sensing device only has to "see" a millisecond of non movement even if you can't see it and then stops the machine. The only way to fix this is to replace the counter and capstan belts. Fortunately you can still get them. Try ebay. I just replaced the belts in my Akai GXC-750D today and boy what a difference. My deck was like new inside and out so it was worth to me to replace the belts. It's pretty amazing that if these decks were not abused and the belts replaced they could function almost as good as new. Good luck.