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Akai gx201d plays but doesnt record, help

i just bought my first r2r on kijiji, stupid me didnt check it out properly when i picked it up, it seems to play the tape that came with it ok but does not record, i know i am operating it correctly, looking for some tech advise as to what to look for to fix it

GX210D not recording

maybe the heads need demagnitizing

best method for head demagnetizing / demagnetizer ???

Anyone know the best tool for this job? I just demag'd my Tandberg TD-20A and it made the recording worse. I can barely hear it. I am using an old Akai demagnetizer. I did it slowly, moved along the heads, pulled it away slowly all that sort of thing...any ideas?? Please?! hah I am stumped...I have redone it a few times, no change. Before this, the heads were not bad, just routine maintenance. If it aint broke...

Maintenance heads

You need isopropyl alcohol swap cottons.
Apply over the capstan, pinch roller and heads, the alcohol with the swap cottons until the dirty magnet dissapear.

if the sound quality is worse maybe you need make a service of machine calibrate to the heads, speed motors ( azimuth, height) but for make this you need a test tape with a tone(400 hz - 12 khz ) depends the case and see the state of the pinch roller, the pinch roller you need let very cleaned.

Every 20 to 30 years you need change the capacitors (recap) becouse of they depends the quality of audio and the electrolytic with the time is drying. You need found trademarks like Elna, Nichicon, Panasonic or another trademark but exclusive line for audio.


I have Akai w 1731; same problem, the tape heads after20-30 years may be rust , oxide etc , verify tape heads R0.Bonne chance!