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Akai GX650 Reel deck problem

Hi, i have the said deck in pieces after smoke seen coming from top of unit after it was struggling to rewind or ff/wd tapes
Playback is still perfect after the incident.
There is the same burning odour from one of the 2 rewind/ff eddy current motors. Have i likely burnt out some windings here ?

If i put it into rewind it starts but just gives up, but if helped, by fingers moving the reels round it does continue all be it slowly

Any help gratefully recd !

RE: Akai GX650 Reel deck problem

I have found a solution, one of the fuses, left hand side from front, 3rd one down, had blown, this must control the f/fwd etc
replaced and cleaned up tape transport a bit, seems to back as normal, although rewind a little sluggish compared to FF/wd but can live with that