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akai- gxc-706d fault - please help

hi guys - another newby - so hope this the right place to post this

basically found one of the above at a good price ( i collect "vintage " hi fi - cheap as chips round here as every one gone "digital "- or hard up student stuff )
any ways - it works - plays etc BUT only for a few seconds - to a few min - then loud click and it shuts off ( the play switch /lever ?? returning to in line with the rest ) - it WILL keep playing if you hold the switch - but there is something obviously trying to shut it off - had a lookit inside - cant SEE any thing obvious like something on any of the parts ( dust - fluff - gunge etc ) - but to be fair i have never delved inside a cassette deck before - so am hoping that the old principle of LOOK and if you dont know how to fix it -ASK SOMEONE WHO DOES - is my best move

any help advice appreciated

akai- gxc-706d fault - please help

If the auto shut-off is linked to the counter then the counter belt(s) may be bad and slipping.