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Akai GXC-730-D casette deck playback speed issues

Hey all - the other day at the thrift store, I came across an absolute beautiful Akai GXC-730D cassette deck. After doing research, I've read that these things are classics. It doesn't have a mark on it. It's perfect!

Two issues:

1. When I play a regular tape (one I didn't record), the playback seems too fast.

2. When I record a record, the playback is slow.

There is no pitch dial on it, so I ruled that out. Possibly a belt issue? I found the service manual on this site, but it wasn't a lot of help. I don't want to order a new belt if it could be a motor problem. I'll say it again, this thing is beautiful!!

re: Akai 730

beautiful tape, offcourse. First, I don´t know the 730, but some other Akai Tapes from the seventieth`s. Usually there are no DC motors inside, but AC. So you won´t find any pitch control.
However, there shouldn´t be any ( speed- )difference in playback - or recordmode. Please check and clean first the capstan shaft and the pinch roller with pure alcohol ( aethanol ) and a rough paper ( Philips in Germany used for the pinch roller in former times coffeefilter paper ( a little bit curious, but it´s true ). The reason was, that the pinch roller should be a little bit rough for good traction.

Try this first and post the results.

Akao GXC 730d playback issue resolved....

After installing new belts & cleaning the heads & pinch rollers with no luck, I was about to hang up the towel when I noticed that there was a spare capstan pulley bolted to the chassis next to motor...on it there was a tiny label that read "Use for 60Hz"...the current one being used was for 50Hz.. Switched out the pulley & she sings!!!

Records beautifully, tracks outstanding this is one of the best pieces of gear I scored... a true classic for $4.99, some elbow grease & a few hours of troubleshooting!!!

All I need now is a reel to reel & a Telecaset deck!!!

Thanks for the response Arctic...