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Akai M8 Owner's Manual

I need a owner's manual for an Akai M8 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder... I found a manual for an M9 here but I was wondering if it is the same as an M8... Any help will be much appreciated... Thanks

Akai M8 Service Manual

Somewhere around here I believe I have a multi-page paper copy of the service manual for the Akai M8; it may include operating instructions as part of it. However it will likely take at least days, maybe a week or more to find, scan, and upload it.

Still, at least there's hope, yes? ;=})

The M8 is valve/tube based, the M9 transistor/solid state, so they're quite different!

(I have two, or should we say one and a half, for restoration, myself, so there's an interest!)

~ Ross

Akai M8 Service Manual

I've tried uploading at first just the schematic - a 212KB scanned 300dpi A4 page - but the upload page moans about "illegal characters" - even if I strip back the "Message" to almost nothing (a message is required) - so am frustrated at present.

The whole manual is 47 pages, source a poor photocopy, and some are obviously A5 booklet pages, others full A4 - and will take a bit more time to scan (and clean up).

Probably best presented in sections.

But until the upload situation is sorted out, I won't be able to present any pages at all...

Still, the project is definitely in the wings, as it were...

Akai M8 Service Manual

I've now scanned all pages as .gifs, but think I can improve some through slight rotations (to square) and croppings. Then I thought I might try assembling as a pdf at this end. The owners instructions, maintenance procedures, general info, accessories, parts lists, drawings, schematic, supplemental info can all go into one document.

However, I'm still puzzled by my inability to upload even just the schematic, earlier:
(screenshot of the error message below)

I guess I'll be trying again! ;=})

(weird too that even though only uploading here a 791 x 497 19kb gif, I get the message "The image was resized to fit within the maximum allowed dimensions of 500x800 pixels." and a proposed new size of 32.19kb!)

Akai M8 Manual

Thanks very much