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Akai RC-17 wired Remote Control

Bought one of these back in 1974, but my Akai GX-400DSS deck got waylayed (now a part of the history of the world...) before I rotated back to the continental US. I did get a Teac A-3340S and hoped this remote might work, so I unwired it and attempted to make it work on my Teac. I gave up and have had this thing buried for nearly 4 decades.

I want to put it on eBay, but not sure what I should be asking for it. It's still in brand new physical shape, except for having desoldered the wires. I kept a diagram, but don't have an Akai deck to check it out on, so I never wired it back up.

Anyway, just wondering if this is a better venue to sell than eBay? If so, what are the rules about selling stuff here.

Contact me direct at jmkeene at tampabay dot rr dot com. Use AKAI RC-17 in the subject line.