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Akai Reel to Reel 400D, 400D-PRO and 400D-SS SERVICE manuals please?

Hi I have the 3 models of these picked them up over the past few years and the girlfriend says fix or get rid of them. So, I have to fix obviously right? I have one of each- the 400D, 400D-pro, and 400D-SS and as you might expect, I am looking for service manuals for all 3. The 400D needs some belts and a few control fixes, the 400D-pro, same thing, the 400D-SS a fair bit more work...speed issues, FF doesn't work at all, and RW play at the same speed as "play", and a couple other things, .thanks for looking/maybe helping. cheers

Akai GX-400D-SS service manual

I have Akai GX-400D-SS service manual.
Can easily share it.
It's 24MB .pdf