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Akai Reel To Reel M9

Hi there to every one & seasons greetings to one & all. Need sum help with my M9. Hav a problem with the motor. It is not spinning at its normal speed as a result its become unplayable. Seems like an electronic problem. Any advice would be greatly appreiciated. Please help.

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Re: Akai Reel To Reel M9

I think ptoblem is not electronic.Open the deck,check the belt-M9 053-the flat one and if is OK lubricate the motor bushings.if necessary-disassemble the motor,clean it and lubricate.Assemble and test how the motor rotates manually.Clean and lubricate all mechanics.
Thing this helps...

Re: Akai Reel To Reel M9

Hi, Thank u very much for your suggestion. Really appreciate ur advice.For future reference problem is not with the motor but with the motor capacitor. Tried one from the 4000D and it works fine.Only problem now is capacitor on M9 has 4 terminals with the following uf values: 2.0/ 0.8/ 1.0 The 4000D has 3 terminals 2.0/0.5 uf Cannot find replacement capacitor for M9 as parts and machines in South Africa are obsolete. Please advise me of any alternates or any other way around.All the best for 2015 Many thanks once again.