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Akai reel to reel recorder

I have an Akai x201d recorder. When i bought it, there was a bad fuse in it. I replaced the fuse and it worked and I checked it out for about 20 minutes. When I tried to play it the next day it blew the the fuse and continues to do so every time ti replace it. I am using a 250 w ag 2 fuse which i think it had in it when I received it. Any info will be greatly appreciated

Akai x201d recorder - Fuse blowing problem

Possibly consider that current consumption is higher than normal. Thus a current measurement recommended. Watch out especially if current increase when the machine warms up. Leaky capacitors - look especially for the capstan motor run cap (and feel if the motor heats up) If it does likely a bad motor run cap - replace! (I had that on about 3 AKAI decks over the years)