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Akai X-1800 SD owner's manual?

Can anyone help me out? Great site!

Akai X-1800 SD Owner's Manual

I'm still looking for one of these. Right now, there's just the international version scanned in--no English. Anyone?


I now have a Akai X-1800SD and am attempting to figure our how to get the speads to slow down. any ideas anyone An owners Manuel would no doubt help. Thanks Jim

I've got it somewhere. If i

I've got it somewhere. If i can find the time I'll find it and scan it .

AKAI X-1800SD Owners manuel

Did you ever find your manuel? I would sure like a copy which hopefully will show me how I can slow down the speads on my tapes. Thanks Jim jimmcleman@aol.com

The verdict?

Did you happen to find that manual? I really need one, just bought my Akai, and can't figure a few things out. Thanks a million!

Akai x-1800sd owners manual

have you had any luck with obtaining a manul, also really need one(English!) thanks