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Akai X1800 SD--English Version of the Users Manual?

The German/Italian/French version is in the library of manuals, but I only took French in college, and while I did well, I can't remember enough to make sense of the manual. Anyone have an English version? Thanks again to those who created this site and keep it running.

English version of AKAI X-1800SD Owners Manual

Hi, "dbxdx5 ... I am also needing an English version of the AKAI X-1800SD Owners Manual. I purchased my tape deck when I was in college, in early '80s, and used it to make / edit audition tapes. I have reel tapes that I made in the mid '60s also, with a lot of classical music on them.

If anyone knows how to get English version, please E-Mail me at: danincibolo@gmail.com


Dan Walters
Cibolo, Texas